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Wisdom is not Involuntary

All knowledge is chosen knowledge.

That is, the only kind of insight that’s accessible to us is the kind of insight that we choose to appropriate through reflection, research, and risk-taking.

Although ideas often occur to us without our being conscious of their cause, they never occur without our cooperation.

Epiphanies do not force their way into our lives like bullies that have no respect for our desire to be left alone. They are the outcome of our decision to be alert, awake, and available to something beyond the familiar patterns of habitual thinking.

The mere passing of time will not save us from ignorance. The mere transpiring of events will not make us any wiser.

The human spirit is not illuminated by the forward motion of clocks and calendars. If we wish to grow in our understanding of life, we must consciously decide to participate in our own evolution.

Experience is transformed into wisdom by nothing less than our determination to transform it into wisdom.

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