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Too “Too” to Be True


Who’s Too?

Too what?

Well, you know…

He talks too much.

She sings too loud.

He jokes around too much.

She’s too ambitious.

How can those statements possibly be true?

“Too” is a comparative term. It has no stand alone value. That is, it doesn’t mean anything until you relate it to someone’s preferences, needs, or tastes.

So, “he talks too much” or “she sings too loud” are sensible statements only if there is some point of reference. Such statements could be true, but they could just as easily be false depending on the context.

If someone says you’re “too” something (insert attribute here), that doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with you. It simply means you have less than or more than the amount of some particular quality they’re looking for.

Before you react too quickly to someone’s claim that you’re “too this or too that,” be sure to identify and evaluate their point of reference.

If you don’t agree with their standard,┬áit might not be wise to take them too seriously.

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