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The Art of Loving Art

When I was younger, I made up my mind that I would fight for my right to make art. I never allowed anyone to talk me out of following my creative interests. I was driven by the idea that if I persisted long enough, I would eventually create something so marvelous that my sacrifices and sufferings would ultimately be deemed worthwhile.

Today I am still determined to fight for my right to make art, but I am driven by a different conviction: the version of me that takes creative risks is superior in every way to the version of me that hides behind fear. With each attempt to alter my world, I am transformed into a being who possesses a deeper understanding of self, a keener perception of beauty, a richer appreciation for life’s mysteries, and a more heartfelt connection to humanity.

I initially loved art because I believed it would make me significant. Now I love it because it has made me more fully human. It’s made me come alive in ways I never imagined.

Whether I succeed or fail at meeting the expectations I set for myself during childhood, I will never retire from the art of creating space in my life for art.

Art is no longer an ambition. It’s a calling. It’s a spiritual practice. It is my Sadhana. It is the path to my True Self.

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