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Failing is Winning

Failure not only teaches, it transforms.

After every failure, you become a more sophisticated version of the person you once were.

Failure is never final unless you fail to recognize the new possibilities that are made available to you as a result of your disappointments and setbacks.

When you merely contemplate the idea of failure, it seems frightening and worth avoiding at all costs. When you actually experience failure, however, you break free from the illusion that it has the power to destroy you and make you permanently miserable.

Failure is what builds us up and makes us strong. Failure is what enlightens us and makes us wise. Failure is the very thing that makes us capable of handling failure.

The only way to win is to make failure your friend.

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  1. Yes, we don’t fall when we fall,
    we fail when we don’t get up again.

    And we don’t learn when all is going
    well. We learn through adversity.

    “The only way to win is to make failure
    your friend.”

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