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It’s In the Doing

One begins by doing things. Then, by virtue of having done something, that person becomes someone who does that particular thing.

A person make a film. Then, by virtue of having made a film, that person becomes a filmmaker.

A person writes. Then, by virtue of having written, that person becomes a writer.

A person builds a business. Then, by virtue of having built a business, that person becomes a businessperson.

In the creative process, doing precedes becoming.

There is no meaningful sense in which one can BE a filmmaker, BE a writer,  BE an entrepreneur, or BE anything else without actually doing the things that correspond to those labels.

Creativity is a pretty word that often seduces us into overlooking an ugly fact:

Creativity isn’t about how you look, how you smell, how you feel, or who you are. Creativity is about what you do.

If you want to BE more creative, DO more things that create results. If you want to BE different, DO things that are different.


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