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The Best Way to Make Friends

“On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion.” -Speed Levitch, Waking Life

The best friends are the friends we make when we’re not desperately looking for friends.

When we give ourselves the permission to be who we want to be and to live the way we wish to live, without regard for how many friends we’ll lose or gain, we place ourselves on a path that is most likely to intersect with the very kinds of people with whom we are most compatible.

Good friends are the by-product of a life lived not in pursuit of  friendship, but in pursuit of self-knowledge, self-respect, self-interest, and self-expression.

When we become engaged with life, we become engaging to others. When we become interested in what delights us, we become interesting to others. When we become fascinated by what enthralls us, we become fascinating to others. When we become inspired by what thrills us, we become inspiring to others. When we possess knowledge of our own selves, others become curious to know us as well. When we like and  respect ourselves, others will find themselves liking and respecting us too. When we become dedicated to expressing our truest convictions, others are drawn to our courage, creativity, and authenticity.

The best way to make friends is through companionship with our own passions and our own potential. Those who are in tune with themselves are more likely to suffer from too many friends than from too few friends.

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