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Maybe there are answers I can’t anticipate. Maybe there are possibilities I can’t predict. Maybe what I know is only a fraction of what can be known.

Maybe my inability to imagine an alternative says more about the limits of my imagination than it does about the ultimate nature of reality.

Maybe my inclination to believe that I’ve heard it all is only a reflection of my studying habits and listening skills.

Maybe there’s more to reality than what I’ve been taught to perceive. Maybe there’s room for developing my ability to think, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel in new ways.

Maybe I’ve underestimated the extent to which I’m capable of learning something new. Maybe I can transform my life by what I learn.

Maybe it’s time to open my mind to new concepts. Maybe it’s time to open my heart to new sensations. Maybe it’s time to open my imagination to new adventures.

Maybe it’s all up to me.

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