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What I’m Up To: An Update on My Adventures in Learning & Creating

Failure is all the rage.

It’s nearly impossible nowadays to listen to motivational speakers and self-help gurus without hearing them say something about the value of failure and the lessons it can teach us.

But when failure is brought up as a concrete topic of discussion, it’s typically talked about as something that only happened in the past (ie. “once upon a time, I was poor” or “once upon a time, I had a horrible marriage” or “once upon I time, I put my foot in my mouth and totally embarrassed myself”).

While I think it’s tremendously important to talk about past failures, I also believe it can be just as inspiring (and interesting) to talk about our current failures. After all, creative challenges are a part of life. And it’s the illusion that some people are exempt from such challenges that often keeps us from learning valuable lessons from the people we respect and admire.

This observation is what inspired me to launch (starting today) a new podcast called “What Are You Failing At?”

“What Are You Failing At?” is a series of short conversations with entrepreneurs, educators, and various experts on what they’re currently failing at and what strategies they’re currently employing to cope with and/or conquer those failures.

I published two episodes today and I’ll be updating the podcast with new episodes every Monday. To learn more about the show and to see today’s episodes, visit my podcast announcement page over at the Praxis blog by clicking here.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work with the Praxis team as we’ve been preparing for our Opening Seminar in Charleston, South Carolina. Our Fall session begins next week with a talented group of nine participants. Joining us for a week of inspiring talks, professional development workshops, and entrepreneurial training will be Adam Witty (Founder of Advantage Media), Jeffrey Tucker (Founder of, Patrick Bryant (Founder of GoToTeam), Levi Morehouse (Founder of Ceterus), John Ramsey (Founder of SeedCess), Claire Kittle (Founder of TalentMarket), and Antony Davies (Economic Professor & Entrepreneur).

It’s been nearly three months since I took my hiatus from blogging and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but it’s time for me to return to a regular schedule of learning and creating. I’ll be starting up my next experiment in personal development soon, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, create a great day/week/month/life/everything.


T.K. Coleman

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    1. I somehow missed this. I’d love to interview you for the podcast. Let’s make it happen. And as far as celebrities go, I’m interested in talking to people who live interesting lives and who have interesting stories to share. That strikes me as right up your alley. If you’re still open, please email me at [email protected] and we can set something up.

  1. Great to hear from you again. Have missed you.
    While I agree we learn much from our failures it is like working on your weekends. I work on acknowledging my failures but unless it is a snakebit train wreck I look at how I have worked through failures and not the failure itself. The same with my weakness. I know I have them but do little to improve on them.
    I keep doing what I am successful at and my strengths.

  2. You might have heard of Scott Adams’ book
    from Laissez Faire. If not, he’s written a book
    entitled “How to Fail at Almost Everything and
    Still Win Big.” (He’s the creator of Dilbert.)

    He advises that rather than thinking in terms of
    goals, we should think in terms of systems. Since
    we all experience failures, he’s found that systems
    get you through the long haul, enable you to achieve
    success, whereas goals can take one on a path of
    failure avoidance that prevents one achieving one’s

    Very entertaining, far reaching and thought provoking.

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