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God Doesn’t Need A Vacation

God Doesn’t Need A Vacation

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One of the greatest tricks the devil ever played was to convince the world that work was HIS idea.

Truth is, work is not a product of The Fall. It’s the first gift of Creation. It’s a blessing, not a curse. It’s a privilege, not a punishment.

Before God gave human beings anything else, He gave them a work to do, a purpose to fulfill, a creative outlet through which they could express their own divinity.

As long we persist in our hatred of work, we live in condemnation of the very thing that makes us God-like.

Work is not the enemy. Ignorance of self is.

We appear to be frustrated with our jobs when deep down inside we’re frustrated with a lack of direction, a lack of conviction, a lack of passion, a lack of confidence, a lack of willingness to do whatever it takes to find our mission.

Our greatest need is not more vacation, but more vocation.

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  1. I agree TK! It’s important to have a purpose and work toward something that is meaningful to you in some way. It helps you grow and evolve and gives your life meaning and purpose. One is never standing still. If you are not going forward, you are going backward. Keep moving.

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