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Taking Charge of My Narrative

“My Lyft driver made me late today. Stupid LA traffic held me up today. This morning sucks.” That’s the habitual victim narrative running through my head right now.

I choose to see through it.

I choose to write a different script.

I choose a better inner monologue.

I choose to deal with my inconveniences from a place of power.

I will navigate my creative challenges by exercising my right to be stronger than that which tempts me to play small. 

“Good morning, my little annoyances! I believe you are all here to show me the way to mastery, correct? Well then, let us proceed. I am eager to learn.”

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  1. Yes. Little annoyances are life lessons in disguise. If
    we can’t master these, how do we master the bigger

    Wait. Maybe the little annoyances aren’t so little after all.

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