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Maintain Perspective

100 years from now, the people who misunderstand you will be dead.

The same will be true of your impact on society if you spend more time paying attention to the peanut gallery than on doing the work you’re called to do.

Maintain perspective. Your legacy depends on it.

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  1. Hi T.K. This is a fascinating post. I am struggling to come up with an interpretation on just these words ” the work you’re called to do”. Any further comments?

    1. Great question, John. The notion of “callings” is typically used to convey the idea of what someone feels compelled to do by the inner voice of conviction/inspiration. “The work you’re called to do” refers to the creative projects and practical tasks you’re motivated to do on the basis of your own internally generated principles and priorities over and above the various roles society would have you play. Let me know if you have a follow-up or if that makes sense.

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