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Two Key Questions

Question # 1: How can I do more?

Question # 2: How can I get more mileage out of what I’ve already done?

If you’re struggle too much with answering one of those questions, it may be because you’re spending too little time addressing the other one.

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  1. I recently was informed during an astrological reading the ‘We always think that we need to Have more in order to Do more in order to Be more; but the opposite is true. We have to Be more in order to Do more so we can Have more. Definitely not how I was trained to think. But more and more I am adjusting the way I ‘think of’ and see my view of ‘reality’. Three factors are helping me to evolve that understanding. The ‘Law of Attraction’ messages I receive daily, the study and understanding of the principles of Aikido, and the investigation into the meaning of astrology in my case.
    What I am discovering is that in all venues of interpersonal interaction, , spiritual pursuits, the integration of the physicality of Aikido along with it’s spiritual nature, daily readings of so called self improvement media, and interactions with the physical and mystical worlds, i.e. being out in public, walking in the woods, and sitting in meditation, are all pointing to the same method for resolution. That can not be a coincidence, at least from the view points I have now.
    So every day I ask myself, what is the ‘Truth’ of this moment. And I am learning not to allow knowledge to stand in the way of Truth, but rather is ‘see’ and to ‘feel’ and to perceive, with prejudice, Truth as it is revealed. Granted it comes with a perception that has influence from ‘habits’ of thinking, like misdirected sign posts, set out to intentionally trap me into a collapsed response instead of a expanded view of reality.
    That I can articulate any of this is astounding to me, as I am not an intellectual, or a philosopher, or a psychologist. Hell, I have dyslexia and I’m left handed. Yet for some reason I am compelled to respond to TK after stumbling on to his website this morning, while I was researching other information. Funny how things present themselves.
    So, TK, I will keep looking at your site from time to time because I think you are on to something. And as far as I can tell, those who are here looking at this site and responding, also seem to have insight. Good job.
    Oh, regarding the 2nd question, ‘…what I have already done’ is already past. More important to me is, ‘ What am I doing NOW.’

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