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If You’re Going to Live for Other People…

Nearly everyone has an opinion about what choices you should make (ie. who you should date/marry, what kinds of friends you should have, where you should live, what you should do for income, etc.), but how many of those people are willing to sit there and sympathetically listen to you as you talk about the regrets you feel from not choosing to live in accordance with your own convictions? And among those who *will* listen, how many of them are capable of offering you a refund for your regrets?

How many of your “advisers” and “life coaches” are willing to take care of you when you’re sick? How many of those people are willing to help you pay your bills when times are rough? How many of those people are willing to go to your job and do your work for you on the days when you absolutely hate your professional life? How many of those people would even be willing to publicly acknowledge you as their friend when you’re not cool, cute, in-style, or brimming with potential? How many of those people are willing to show interest in you beyond your capacity to be a receptacle for their personal philosophies?

If you’re going to live for other people, you might want to ask yourself “who in the world is living for me?”

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