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To Those Who are Younger Than Me

I am blessed to have had adults in my life who saw my dreams and creative impulses as something other than objects to be feared.

I am grateful for those mentors and teachers who taught me to own my eccentricities and curiosities rather than seek deliverance from them.

I often wonder how much of our glorification of the known, the familiar, and the so-called “safe” path, is a projection of the tension and unresolved anxiety we feel from our own ignored callings, our own stifled longings, our own youthful doubts never conquered or outgrown?

To those who are younger than me, I pass along to you what was graciously entrusted in me:

You have the whole world before you. And there is much you can learn from those of us who have been around for more years than you. But none of us can know the secret of your being. None of us can know the path that wears your name. Delve deeply and daringly into the treasures of your soul. We can give you advice on how to navigate the terrain, but the capacity to descend into the heart and discover the meaning of your own existence is yours alone.

For what it’s worth, that’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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