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The World Needs You to Think Independently of the World

“Understand this: The world wants to assign you a role in life. And once you accept that role you are doomed.” -Robert Greene

If you don’t think critically and creatively about who you want to be and how you want to live based on your own preferences, principles, and priorities, you’ll end up being condemned to a life where you’re existing for the sole or primary function of satisfying other people’s expectations.

Thinking about others is good. Taking other people’s needs into account is good. Serving others is good. But it all begins with self-authenticity. Your ability to live a fulfilling life and contribute lasting value to others is significantly diminished if you have no concept of, or loyalty to, your own internal compass.  Until you are capable of thinking independently of the world, you are incapable of improving the world. 

Being true to yourself is not only personally fulfilling, but it’s a necessary condition for being truthfully compassionate. Self-respect, not self-neglect, is the heart and soul of having a heart and soul.

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