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“It’s very important to transcend the places that hold us.” Rubin Carter, The Hurricane

“You can do better” does not equal “you’re an idiot for being where you are.”

“You’re capable of so much more than you realize” does not equal “you’re being lazy.”

“You have the power to broaden your horizons, alter your paradigm, and change your life” does not equal “all the bad things that have happened to you are your fault.”

“You can find a way to succeed in spite of the obstacles that stand before you” does not equal “everything in life is fair, the playing field is equal, and you’re just making excuses when you talk about how difficult your life is.”

Unfairness is real.

Injustice is real.

Tragedy is real.

But so is hope. So is creativity. So is human resilience. So is our ability to fight back.  So is our ability to lift each other up. So is our ability to fight for the cause even when we feel like the effect.

We must neither deny our troubles nor underestimate the power of our tenacity.

It’s true that we can never win the fight for freedom if we fail to acknowledge our enemies, but there’s no use in pointing out our enemies if we refuse to use that knowledge as part of a larger strategy for outwitting them, outworking them, and outlasting them.

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