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Today I release myself from the pressure to perform and produce. While still recognizing and respecting the value in my work, I also choose to allow time for reflection, relaxation, and recreation. By periodically taking a step back from my everyday goal oriented focus, I am able to connect to a broader view that enables me to give greater context to my actions. Rather than see myself as wasting time, I see myself as aligning with a Creative Energy which transcends time. I can accomplish more in 30 minutes by standing still and releasing my resistance to life, than I can achieve in 30 hours by attempting to force my desires into manifestation. I affirm the power of slowing down by making myself available to the silence and space within my heart and mind.

I am attending a retreat this week where there is a no-screen policy. This means that apart from emergencies, the attendees will not be able to use their wireless devices, tablets, or computers.

I will be attempting to put into practice, in my own unique way, a technique described by Chuck Norris in The Secret Power Within as “Slowing Down to Go Faster.” Recounting a conversation during a training session with Bruce Lee, Norris said the following,

Bruce: No matter how much I tried I was unable to block your kicks. What am I doing wrong?

Chuck: You tried to speed your blocks up. And your timing was off. Like when I practice sticky hands [a wing chun technique] with you. When you try to faster, you score on me repeatedly. If I am getting faster, it’s because I’ve slowed down, and that’s what I’m suggesting to you. Pace yourself, attend to everything in its own sweet time, and you’ll accomplish more than if you go all out at every opportunity. Slow down and you’ll go faster…Breaking down a martial arts move means doing ti slowly, and I found that by moving slowly, I could sense what was meant to be the inner balance of the move, each step serving its own specific purpose. Having sensed that inner balance and learned to adjust my body to it, and having discovered the importance of including each move, I found I could speed up the moves at will, performing them quickly or slowly with the same accuracy…At first the notion o slowing down so he could go faster seemed contradictory to Bruce. But he did as I suggested and soon found that I was right. He forced himself to relax then explode, and then relax again. His blocks and kicks improved.

I won’t be throwing any punches or kicks, but I will be off the grid this week. I will not be posting daily updates from my personal development project until next week. Since most of my PDP activities are done via computer, I will still do the physical exercise portion of my project, but I will be substituting 2-3 hours of daily reading for the other activities.

In other news, I wrote an article for the Praxis blog yesterday called A Note to Young Dreamers Who Don’t Feel Supported by Family & Friends. If you or someone you know is in such a situation, feel free to share the article with them.


T.K. Coleman

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