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Still Seeing Red

“See focus. see pride. See passion. See history. See red.” -Chicago Bulls Team Slogan

Last night, the Chicago Bulls lost game six of the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-finals in the worst possible way. In spite of a subpar game from Lebron James and an injured Kyrie Irving, Chicago still managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Among sports fans, none of us like to see our team’s season end that way. It’s downright aggravating to the point of I don’t know what. Nevertheless, it’s over. And it could’ve been a heck of a lot worse. For starters, we could be Philadelphia 76ers fans (sorry Philly). But more importantly, Derrick Rose was injured 2 months ago and everyone was counting him out. With little time for recovery, he came back just as the playoffs began and he showed flashes of his old MVP self. Who else sits out with injuries for 2.5 seasons and plays that kind of basketball right away?

Moreover, Jimmy Butler, who won the NBA’s most improved player award this year, gave a solid performance defending Lebron James. As a Chicago Bulls fan,¬†there’s a lot to be grateful for. In spite of a horrific final performance, the Chicago Bulls¬†gave us a great season.

These times of pain are what make the moments of pleasure matter. Some say, “it’s just a game.” But they don’t understand that some of us learned how to fly by watching this game. I could end my self-perpetuated sadness right now by simply choosing not to care. But I choose to indulge the promise of hope rather than bask in the relief of indifference. I will not stop expressing my human tendency to play simply because the game did not go my way.

To the team that taught me how to dream, thanks for giving us a season to remember.

Much love and respect to the Chicago Bulls.

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