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Philosophy is a Way of Life

Philosophy isn’t a tool for changing people against their own desire to be changed. The ability to debate someone or show them their logical fallacies isn’t some kind of magic wand that’s capable of overriding people’s determination to do what they want to do. We can present our case. We can plead and cajole. We can put our premises together in the most precise and persuasive manner possible. And yet, people will still make up their own minds in the end.

What shall we do then? Shall we abandon all our efforts to persuade? Shall we give in to the wishes of those who believe we should stop scrutinizing questionable beliefs? Shall we dismiss all our attempts to influence and inspire others as a waste of time? No. We continue with out efforts to philosophize persuasively, but we do so with an understanding that there are ways of fighting for philosophy and living for philosophy that don’t require us to stay awake all night losing sleep over the ones who “don’t get it.” Where arguments fail, the embodiment of truth through the way we live succeeds. Sometimes the best way to do philosophy is to actually live it.

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