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Your Desires are Not Guilty Until Proven Innocent

An excerpt from Is it Dangerous to Follow Your Desires?

People do all sorts of things without fairly considering any of the arguments that could be made against the decisions they’re making and that can be a very dangerous practice. Over the past year, however, I’ve met dozens of young people who are afraid to pursue their interests, follow their dreams, or simply try out new things that are fascinating to them because they fear that their desires will destroy them.

Many young people live in a world where the primary message they seem to be getting is “Your desires are silly and if you can’t give me an argument showing me how your desires make sense, then you’re not allowed to pursue them.” And while I think there is much good that can come from the exercise of trying to come up with reasons for the things one does, I thought I’d share and explain some of my thoughts on the relationship between desire and decision-making with the hope that it might liberate someone out there to give themselves permission to be a little more open to the practice of following their highest excitement without apology.

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