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The Road Best Traveled

Today I choose the way of gratitude.

I choose to recognize that there is an element, however small or seemingly insignificant, in every situation that is capable of being the source of genuine unforced appreciation.

I choose to recognize that a decision to be grateful is not the same as a decision to be complacent.

I choose to recognize that I can sincerely praise what is working in my life without becoming someone who settles for less than their worth.

I choose to recognize that my aspiration to create new and improved realities is fueled by the inspiration I feel when I consciously direct attention to what is lovable in my life.

I choose to recognize that I am more compelled to change the world when I exercise my ability to discern its non-obvious forms of beauty.

As my vision of well-being expands, so does my motivation to bring more of it forth.

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