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What Really Concerns Me

I’m not worried about the irrational and insincere people who are determined to do wrong because of their hatred for truth, justice, and freedom.

I’m worried about all the rational and sincere people who don’t know what their rights are.

I’m worried about all the hard-working and open-minded people who haven’t been given compelling reasons for believing in their power, their potential, and their possibilities.

I’m terrified by the thought of those who, because they have not been taught how to think critically and creatively, do not know how to protect themselves from manipulation, exploitation, and oppression.

I’m worried about the people who long to be dreamers, creators, and revolutionaries, but who lack the support of mentors, allies, and communities that nurture self-knowledge, mental toughness, and spiritual well-being.

I’m worried about the innocent ones, the curious ones, and the compassionate ones who hold the keys to creating a freer world, but who lack the protection of systems and structures that can shelter them from violence.

There will be no place in this world for the wicked if we devote ourselves to equipping the people of integrity with the tools they need to defend and express their human dignity. I am not interested in screaming and yelling at those who have proven themselves to be too self-absorbed to hear the cries of the suffering. I am interested in using whatever powers I have to help build a better world and inspire others to do the same. I have little time for bemoaning the irrational and insincere. I’m too busy trying to liberate the hearts and minds of those who love the truth and are willing to follow it wherever it leads.

In cases where we must, let us defend ourselves against the forces of evil. But let us not forget that the war for freedom is only won to the degree that we invest knowledge and power into the forces of good. When the lovers of truth know what they’re capable of and choose to act on that knowledge, the lovers of evil will no longer prevail.

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