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Personal Development Project Update

To model the education experience I’ve created for Praxis, I will be switching over from a yearly PDP model to a monthly PDP model. That is, I will identify one activity/goal at the beginning of each month and I’ll focus on that until the end of the month where I begin a new activity/goal.

This approach offers me two distinct advantages over the yearly model I previously adopted:

  1. I will be able to work in sync with my Praxis participants. As they work on monthly professional development projects, they will know that I am doing the same.
  2. It allows me to marry my need for focus (commit to something and get it done) with my constant craving for variety (if I discover something new I want to try, I can start it the following month) and my practical need to eliminate things that aren’t working for me (if there’s an activity that isn’t as helpful or feasible as I thought it would be, I can finish doing it for the month and replace it with something better at the beginning of the next month.

I plan to begin my first monthly PDP at the beginning of October. When I begin, I’ll write a blog post identifying what my activity/goal will be. I’ll track my progress everyday on a spreadsheet I will share and I’ll also write my notes/thoughts/reflections no less than once a week.

Between now and then, I’m going to focus on reading for an hour per day, creating a spreadsheet of things I’d like to do for future PDP’s, and building a new website I intend to use primarily for coaching, speaking, and more brand-oriented writing.

I look forward to learning lots of new things this year and I’m eager to share those explorations with you.


T.K. Coleman


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