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A Couple of Recent Interviews I’ve Done

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Kevin Koskella, host of The Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, recently had me on his show to discuss the value of philosophy, the problems in our education system, Praxis, personal development projects, my thoughts on politics and social change, and the importance of never letting anyone steal your fire. It was a fun conversation that went by much too fast. Kevin is a great host and I really enjoyed speaking with him. If you’d like to check out the interview, listen here.

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I also recently made my third appearance on Carren Smith‘s podcast to discuss The Law of Attraction, having faith in yourself, learning from your failures, and the importance of thinking critically about self-help ideas. Carren is always a joy to speak with. We could’ve gone on for hours.┬áIf you’d like to check out the interview, listen here. To listen to our previous conversation on the dreams, creativity, and the meaning of life, click here.

I hope you enjoy.


T.K. Coleman

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