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Perhaps It’s Just Time for the Next Level

Beyond every so-called problem is a quality of understanding that transforms the perception of the problem into something other than a problem.

The purpose of the problem is to urge us onward and upward towards this higher level of understanding.

If all hope seems lost, perhaps it’s not the end. Maybe you’ve just arrived as far as your current philosophy can take you.

Problems never stop gunning for us. For every problem that fails to destroy us, there’s another one that comes along to continue the job. Imagine the possibilities for progress if we were that relentless in our pursuit of new perspectives.

When your problems have you feeling down, try lifting your understanding up.

When you feel attacked by adversity, wage war by widening your worldview.

Whatever you cannot resolve is there to help you evolve. Whatever you cannot defeat is there to make you more complete. Whatever you cannot subdue is there to evoke a superior version of you. Whatever you cannot control is there to summon greatness from your soul.

Just as there’s always another problem, there’s always another level. And it’s always worth reaching for.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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