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Personal Development Project for October 2015

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For the month of October, I will read one manifesto from per day. After completing each manifesto, I’ll write a blog post inspired by one or more of the concepts espoused by that manifesto.

A manifesto lies somewhere in the middle between a long-form blog post and a book. It usually ranges anywhere from 5-50 pages depending on the author and subject. A manifesto is essentially a well-reasoned sustained presentation of a specific theme. The themes addressed by the manifestos I’ll be reading include leadership, business management, creativity, social change, and productivity.

This PDP relates to my goals in four ways:

1) I intend to write and publish at least one manifesto of my own before the end of the year. This 30-day challenge will help me familiarize myself with the styles and themes of successful pieces.

2) I’m always scouting for good professional development resources to recommend to my coaching clients and Praxis participants. Since most manifestos are published by prolific writers, this will not only give me a chance to update my knowledge of what’s out there in the world of manifestos, but it’ll also provide me with a low-cost opportunity to preview new authors/books in order to see if I want to explore their ideas further.

3) This PDP will help me practice my commentary writing skills. I enjoy writing about my own ideas, but I equally enjoy expanding on other people’s thoughts as well. Finding the balance between quoting the brilliance of others and adding unique value of my own is a creative challenge I look forward to.

4) I love learning. I’m genuinely going to enjoy this like a kid in a candy store. That’s the most important reason of all.

I look forward to sharing what I’m exploring.



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