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Finding the “I” in “Write”

The blank page functions as a mirror for the relationship you have with yourself. If you’re not reading, meditating, paying attention to life, seeking out adventures, nourishing your soul, loving deeply, dreaming wildly, processing your feelings, playing around with new ideas, meeting people, engaging the world, collecting experiences, or just doing things in general that make you feel more alive or more connected to the essence of who you are, all of this will be made plain to you when you sit down to write.

There’s something about the creative process that demands an honest confrontation with your soul. What have you been filling your heart and mind with? What have you been neglecting and suppressing? How true have you been to what fires you up? How distracted have you been by the things that no longer serve you? Are you learning anything new? Are you falling in love with anything new? Are you still evolving? Are you telling yourself the truth? Are you lying to yourself?

It’s one thing to answer these questions with your mind. It’s another thing to listen to what your heart has to say about these things. Writing is a way of listening to the heart.┬áIf you want to know the differences between the story you’re telling yourself and the story you’re actually living, you should write. Writing will not only reveal who you are to others, it will reveal who you are to yourself.

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