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The Only Vice in Failure is the Failure to Fail Forward

Failure is a morally neutral phenomenon.

“I failed to achieve my goal” does not equal “I owe the world an apology.”

Sometimes you’ll make mistakes. Sometimes you’ll make miscalculations. Sometimes you’ll give your best and things still won’t work out. None of the aforementioned makes you a sinner in need of repentance.

If you broke a promise, go ahead and apologize. If your actions truly strained an important relationship, do what you can to make it right. But whatever you do, don’t demonize the process of learning as if it’s something to be condemned or ashamed of.

Periodic failures are part of any form of progress. As long as you learn from them, your failures are not final. So hang on to your sense of humor and don’t let go of your desire to grow.

Life will go on. So will you.

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