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How to Starve the Trolls

Drown out the sounds of their voices with all the invigorating conversations you’re having with people who are funny, intelligent, creative, interesting, and successful.

Be so busy connecting to people who lift you up, that you literally have no space available in your life to react and respond to the people who are deliberately trying to drag you down.

Don’t conquer trolls with discipline and zen-like self-control. Transcend your very awareness of them by being too immersed in activities that serve your highest priorities.

You can’t stave off emotional vampires by fighting them one by one.

You have to flood them out with light.

You have to stay in the light.

You have to do your work in the light.

You have to rest in the light.

You have to think lightly.

You have to take yourself lightly.

You have to take the trolls lightly.

They can’t do anything to you when you abide in that space.

They fear that space.

Trolls can’t digest¬†light. They can only feed off your negative energy. That’s why they need you to let them drag you out of the light. The name-calling, the theatrics they display, the hyperbolic speech, everything they do is nothing more than a trick to get your attention. They’re so frail and insecure without your attention that they’ll go to any extreme just to get you to acknowledge them. The loudest trolls are the weakest trolls.¬†Don’t give in. Maintain focus. The people who stay focused always outlast the people who try to distract them.

Your job is simple. Stay in the light and keep your fire burning no matter what. That’s the endgame.

When you feed the light, you starve the trolls.

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