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Build New Traditions

Your best days are not behind you.

The good from your past was only the foundation for the best that has yet to come.

Hold on to your beautiful memories of old, but don’t cling to them as if you’re incapable of creating a new and improved reality.

Every great tradition has a beginning. And every moment is an opportunity to remind yourself that there is no end to the beginning of new traditions. In fact, the greatest and most enduring tradition in the world is the tradition of building new traditions.

You may not have what you once had, but you do have hope, curiosity, and the willingness to take a chance. So go ahead: take a chance. Take a chance on your ability to surprise yourself with delightful new things that you never thought were feasible. It’s time. It’s time to not only move on, but to also move up. Higher possibilities are waiting.

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