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It’s All Debatable (Including The Title For This Blog)

The words “Everybody” and “Agree” have never been close friends.

I don’t care how clearly, concisely, or compellingly you state your ideas. I don’t care how much evidence you offer to back up your point. I don’t care if you have the whole thing on video, audio, in writing, and publicly endorsed by scientists. No matter what you’re saying or what you’re selling, someone somewhere is going to respond with “I don’t agree” or “it’s not for me.”

The art of persuasion is a non-guaranteed enterprise. Good communication, sound reasoning, and sincere intentions will never make us immune to the possibilities of disagreement, dissent, and dispute.

Communicate well, reason well, and by all means, be sincere. All of these things matter. Always remember, however, that human beings are human beings. And as long as we’re still human, some of us will always find a way, whether consciously or unconsciously, to make a debate out of anything.

Different people see things differently. Don’t compromise what you know to be true, but adjust your expectations accordingly.

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