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Why Haven’t You Auditioned For American Idol?


Once upon a time, I auditioned for American Idol. It was a seriously frightening, funny, fun, and fulfilling experience. I share my story and the lessons I learned in my chapter of Why Haven’t You Read This Book?

Why Haven’t You Read This Book?  is an anthology in which each author tackles a different creative challenge and dares to question many of the fears we’ve been conditioned to have about it.

Here’s a summary from our book project page on Kickstarter:

This book is about the simple practice of flipping the burden of proof from ‘why?’ to ‘why not?’.

What would happen to your life if you stopped assuming you know all the reasons why not to do things differently? Have you ever really, seriously demanded of yourself good reasons to not start a business, move to a new city, dropout of school, quit your job, write a book, travel the world, climb a mountain, fly first class, audition for American Idol (or whatever the newest version is), or have a bunch of kids?


Available early 2016 in eBook, paperback, and hardcover

You probably assume you have good reasons for not doing these things. We all do. It’s called status quo bias. The dominant path isn’t scrutinized much, while deviations are. That’s the line anyway. We think the deviations are scrutinized, but maybe they’re scrutinized even less.

Over time we assume other people have already asked questions and demanded answers of alternative choices. There must be a reason people largely make the same big decisions, right? Society is on to something, right? The default is to believe you don’t need to give a reason for not taking a big risk and being different. We just kind of know it’s a bad idea. But do we really know?

The point of this book is not to argue in favor of any of the big ideas put forth. It’s not to argue against the status quo either. It’s to challenge you to be a better questioner when it comes to your own life choices.

To learn more about the book’s details, please check out our official book page here.

To support us on Kickstarter, please click here to support the book and receive your copy.

In the meantime, before you dismiss your next creative impulse as just another fleeting crazy idea, be sure to ask “why not?” first.


T.K. Coleman

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