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Let Your Questions Lead You

A question is great when it arises from a genuine sense of wonder and a sincere desire to know the answer for one’s self. A great question is one that leads to insights, thoughts, conversations or experiences that awaken our sense of wonder and inspire us to think more critically and creatively.

The worst questions to ask are the ones that we don’t really care about, but that we ask in order to look smart or feel important. The key to asking great questions lies in being honest with ourselves about what we really want to know.

None of your teachers will ever be as effective at motivating you to study as your own interests are. Curiosity is the true guardian of knowledge. If you abandon it in the name of what others think you ought to learn, you’ll be condemned to a life of spiritless inquiry: always searching for the holy grail of wisdom, but lacking the very eyes of wonder through which it can be seen.

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