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Self-Help or Self-Hurt?

Carren CouchEven though Self-help books are designed to help us help ourselves, they sometimes end up having the opposite affect. Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve met many people who’ve picked up self-help books with a great deal of optimism only to finish reading them with less hope than what they started out with.

What’s going on in these instances? Why do some people seem to be worse off after attending motivational seminars and studying the works of various gurus? I was recently interviewed by Carren Smith and we delved into this very topic. In this episode of her podcast, Carren’s Couch, we discuss the importance of critical thinking, the value of Both/And logic, the role of metaphors, how to avoid self-destructive thinking, and we even talk a little bit about the nature of money and how to create true wealth.

Here’s what Carren had to say:

Welcome back to Carren’s Couch, the amazing thought leader and philosopher, T.K Coleman!!!

Today we are talking all about the Self Help industry and how it actually works with us in today’s age of progress and principles!

As always, T.K holds nothing back as he analyses the validity and value of what we learn and how it contributes to our ability to make decisions for ourselves. Thinking in accordance to principles and outcomes rather than rules and regulations are always going to challenge some of us, and this podcast really opens up the conversation between self help, self love and self initiation!!

Another awesome, thought provoking conversation!!

Here’s the link if you’d like to listen:

CC 80 : Is Self Help actually Self Hurt?

I truly think you’ll enjoy this episode. If you do, please drop me a line and share your thoughts.


T.K. Coleman

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