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Create Your Own Concept of Creativity

“People who are creative talk like X. People who are creative act like X. People who are creative dress like X. People who are creative have lots of X. Since I don’t talk like X, act like X, dress like X, or have lots of X, I must not be one of those creative people. So I’ll just go back to believing that I’m one of the ordinary folks destined to an uncreative and uninteresting life. But that’s okay. I’m cool with that. I’m fine just the way I am.”

Well, you are correct to think “I’m fine just the way I am,” but you’re absolutely wrong if you think “the way I am” means “uncreative and uninteresting.”

You may not be creative and interesting in the same way that others are, but that was never the job anyway. The job is to give yourself permission to embrace your own path.

You’re already as weird, eccentric, and unique as you need to be. You simply need a concept of creativity that’s creative enough to include who you already are.

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