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If I were to die today, I would not feel a single regret for not having partied enough. If anything, I would regret that it took me so long to realize how overrated partying is and how underrated things like writing, reading, meditating, and infusing my everyday life with creative energy are.

I love a good time as much as the next person and I will be the last person on earth to ever speak of partying as if it’s some kind of sin. But I definitely believe that many of us have been schooled¬†into a¬†mindset that sees fun and enjoyment as the opposite of things like discipline, solitude, or even simple conversation.

This is unfortunate because it keeps many of us from discovering the most interesting parts of ourselves. So much of our beauty and brilliance gets smothered by a sea of external noise that we often create for no other reason than that we feel pressured to create it.

Of all the choices I’ve made in life, there is one I am most proud of: the choice to dedicate my existence to the gradual elimination of the distinction between work and play. I do not wish to treat having fun as some sort of temporary recess from a lifestyle primarily dominated by frustration.

While I may not succeed at having as much fun as I anticipate, I will still fight to remind myself and others of the following: Although every moment can’t be fun, there’s more to having fun than waiting until the work is done.

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