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About Those Dreams You Were Planning to Follow…

Follow your dreams, but just make sure they’re *your* dreams and not the dreams you think you need to have in order to be impressive. If you’re chasing fancy things in order to fit in or get back at your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend, try digging a little deeper. Because when the going gets tough, it’s only the intrinsic factors -the reasons of the heart-that anchor us and keep us going.

And be sure to actually *follow* your dreams which is different from sitting around and waiting for someone to give you permission to act on your creative impulses. Remember that creativity applies not only to your craft, but also to the process of finding opportunities to practice your craft. If you’re still waiting for a rich, powerful, or influential person to give you the green light before you get up and go, then you’re not following your dreams; you’re following your resistance, your obstacles, and your doubts.

And lastly, don’t forget to let your dreams follow you. Because as you go after the things you want in life, you’ll evolve. Your interests will expand, your perspectives will broaden, and your priorities will mature. From a distance, your dreams will inspire you, but up close they’ll transform you. A dream engaged will never leave a person unchanged.

So while it’s good to pursue what you’re most passionate about, don’t forget to periodically upgrade your dreams in order to make sure they reflect not only the person you once were, but also the person you’ve gradually become.

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