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Catching Up With Yourself

The future will belong to those who make interesting and useful connections, but it’s very important that we pursue this future creatively, not competitively.

That is, the goal isn’t to compete with others in an effort to generate more interesting and useful connections than them. No, the goal is to win the battle against your own resistance, to overcome all the factors and forces that suppress your ability to generate the unique set of connections that only you can see.

The pursuit of knowledge has nothing to do with other people in any competitive sense. You can have all the knowledge in the world and you still won’t have another’s vantage point. Other people’s way of seeing belongs to them just as your way of seeing belongs to you.

Your pursuit of knowledge is for you. Developing your intellectual and creative potential isn’t about catching up with others. It’s about catching up with yourself. It’s about aligning yourself with the part of you that is ready to be astonished and ready to share this astonishment with others.

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