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Before Our Angels Depart

in the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen more than a few updates about friends losing loved ones. It’s a sobering reminder of something that’s worth noting during this holiday season as we occupy our minds with all the usual challenges of travelling, buying gifts, getting days off work, dealing with stressed out customers, meeting deadlines, etc: People are all we have and one day we’ll cry out to relive those moments when we annoyed the hell out of each other.

In the book of Genesis, the story is told of a man named Jacob who spent one night wrestling with an Angel. As he called the event to mind the next day, he said “surely God was in this place and I knew it not.” I know it’s cliché to say things like “every moment is holy,” but I suspect we’ll all wake up someday and realize that we’ve been wrestling with angels all along; that most of our problems were messengers simply trying to get through to us.

We’ll look back at these busy moments, these agonizing moments, these moments filled with everything except for love and we too will say “”surely God was in this place and I knew it not.” Maybe we should get started today. Maybe we should practice that perspective a little bit each day. That way, when our angels depart, we’ll at least be able to say we shared a few smiles and laughs in between the moments of wrestling.

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