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Thinking About Thinking Big

Thinking big isn’t something you can achieve through sheer willpower.

If you want big ideas, you have to stretch your worldview beyond the boundaries of what your mind already contains. That means engaging other thinkers, sharpening your mind by studying contrasting perspectives, actively seeking out new experiences, and getting inspired by other people’s work.

As good and noble and enlightened as it is to go within, meditate, and tune into your own voice, it’s equally important to rigorously cultivate and maintain an ability to be challenged by the brilliance of others.

In other words, think big doesn’t equal “be satisfied with how much of a big thinker you think you are.” Instead it means “be a bigger thinker than what you’re capable of being on your own.”

Big thinkers are big enough to be inspired by more than just their own wisdom.

If you can be big all by yourself, that’s impressive. But it’s even more impressive when you can allow yourself to experience the spaciousness of a soul that participates in the beauty of community and collaboration.


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