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Beware the Danger of Conventional Unconventionalism

Being true to yourself isn’t just a matter of rebelliously asserting your convictions in the presence of those who resist you. It’s also a matter of continuing to challenge yourself even when you find a crowd who adores you for your rebelliousness.

The danger of being a rebel isn’t that you’ll be criticized, but that you’ll be seduced into a state of complacency by the praises of those who see your criticism of the status quo as a sign of genius.

Defying convention is the easy part. Refusing to accept your defiance of convention as evidence that you’ve already arrived is the ultimate test.

Just as the rejection of tyranny is vain if it’s only replaced with a different form of tyranny, the rejection of unquestioned conventional thinking is vain if it’s only replaced with unquestioned unconventional thinking.

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