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The Experts Are Wrong. Also, They’re Right!

Quit trying to hack your life. Also, try to hack your life. You’re not a brand. Also, you’re a brand. Don’t follow your passion. Also, follow your passion. The customer is always right. Also, the customer is not always right. Boredom is good for you. Also, boredom is bad for you.

It’s not about the money. Also, it’s about the money. Don’t ever blame yourself for the bad things that happen to you. Also, take responsibility for everything that happens to you. There are no shortcuts to happiness and success. Also, there are shortcuts to everything.

Never take anything personally. Also, take everything personally. Work hard and make things happen. Also, relax and let things come to you. Once you find what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life. Also, once you find what you love, you’re going to work harder than you’ve ever done at any point in your life.

Find an article, expert, insight, or research study that proves something and I can find an article, expert, insight, or research study that “proves” the opposite. No school of thought is safe. Every approach has its critic and every critic has his or her critic.

Fortunately, there’s no need to panic. You don’t need to stress out over taking an official side on every issue. Self-help is about helping yourself in whatever way you can. If something helps, let it help you. There’s no need to make a religion out of it. If something doesn’t help, drop it. There’s no need to keep doing something if it isn’t working just because an expert says it works.

Ideas are like tools. All of them are helpful and all of them are hurtful depending on the person using them, the context within which they’re used, and the manner and time in which they’re used. People don’t argue about hammers and screwdrivers. They just use them when they’re useful and they cease using them when they’re useless. It’s that simple. In a similar way, you don’t need to argue about every strategy you employ. Use them when they’re useful. Cease using them when they’re useless.

When you can focus on doing what’s best for you without feeling the need to have strong opinions about what the “right” way is, you’ll have more energy left over for the real work of becoming the best possible version of yourself.

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