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Your Family Needs You To Be Selfish (Sometimes)

Being faithful to your family means more than just giving them your time, energy, attention, and resources. It also means being a role model who shows them how to maintain a healthy sense of individuality.

One of the greatest gifts a person can give to their loved ones is an example of a human being who maintains their capacity to dream and be creative even in the face of all the demands of family life. You become more inspiring and helpful to your family when you strive to retain an element of yourself that’s not subservient to their preferences and needs.

The people in your life need you to compromise, but they also need you be more than just a passive get-a-long who orients all your efforts around making others happy.

In addition to “bringing home the bacon,” don’t forget to bring home the energy of someone who engages life to the fullest. When you’re selfish enough to do certain things simply because they inspire you, your family gets to reap the benefits of being around someone who knows what it means to be fired up and passionate.

Don’t spend all your time making money and hanging out with your family if all you’re going to do is be grumpy, bitter, and dull because of how exhausted and unappreciated you feel for making a bunch of sacrifices. Make some time for yourself. Your family needs it.


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