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We Have Two Many Problems

When I was a kid still learning to tie my shoes, I would throw the meanest temper tantrums when I couldn’t get it right. One day, while going through my usual dramatic routine, I screamed “I can’t stand myself!” My uncle said to me “Well, now you’ve got two problems: Your shoes are still untied AND you hate yourself.”

The fastest way to double your problems is by assuming it’s a problem to have problems.

Problems are a part of any normal and healthy life. When you treat the mere existence of problems as if they’re evidence that your life is somehow inferior to everyone else’s, you lose your connection to the very sense of self-acceptance and self-respect that makes the discovery of creative solutions possible.

Sometimes things are going to bother you. That’s okay. If you can learn to not be bothered by the experience of being bothered, you’ll cut your problems in half. The biggest step you can take towards being okay is realizing that it’s okay to be less than okay.

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