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Every Day is Election Day

Change the world.

By change the world, I don’t just mean “go vote for someone who promises to change the world.”

I mean “respect your own ability as an individual to do amazing things that don’t depend on your favorite candidate winning the election.”

Every election people will tell you that this is your one big chance to make a difference. They’re wrong!

Every single day of your life is your big chance to make a difference, but you have to be willing to take yourself seriously. You have to be willing to diligently entertain the idea that you are a creative force.

If your favorite candidate gets elected, what then? Are you going to sit back and expect the world to magically become more peaceful and prosperous all by itself? If your favorite candidate doesn’t get elected, what then? Are you going to just sit around and complain about how stupid people were for voting in the winner?

It’s okay to feel inspired by certain leaders, but at some point you have to start respecting your own capacity to make history. You can only vote for politicians during election periods, but you can cast a vote for your own potential every single day of your life.

Ask yourself “How can I live more freely and how can I help others do the same?” Then start acting on that answer without waiting on political issues to get resolved first.

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