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You’re More Interesting Than TMZ

If you pick any person in the world, zoom in on their private lifestyle, and focus intensely on looking for things that might appear to be scandalous, you’ll probably make some interesting discoveries regardless of who you pick.

This can be a very fun game to play. 

It’s so fun that a million dollar gossip industry is based on it.

It’s so fun that it can be addicting.

It’s so addicting that it’s one of the main reasons why most people never get around to discovering their unique brand of brilliance.

When you’re preoccupied with finding what’s wrong with everyone else, you lose opportunities to invest in the things that are right about yourself.

The next time you’re tempted to look for flaws in others, don’t forget to look inside your own heart. Because if you do, you’ll discover the secret that all consistent creators have discovered for themselves:

Your potential is far more interesting than anyone else’s scandal.

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