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All Giving Is A Gift To The Self

During the holiday season, we’re often reminded of the following words of Jesus: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

That sounds like a noble thing to say, but is it really true? Doesn’t everyone know that it’s better to be the recipient of gifts than the giver of them?

I think the message here is less about getting or giving material possessions and more about understanding the power of your state of mind. There are two ways you can see yourself as you go through life. You can see yourself as someone who needs other people to give you something or you can see yourself as someone who has something to give.

Technically, you’re both. But you’re at a major advantage if your fundamental sense of life is that of a person who sees themselves as having something to offer the world. In fact, if you can get really good at seeing yourself this way, you’re far more likely to get your needs met than if you walked around with your head down as if you were mostly dependent on the mercy and charity of others.

When you think and act from a consciousness of lack, scarcity, or insufficiency, you’re more apt to overlook the possibilities available to those who think and act from a consciousness of abundance.

I believe the whole point of giving Christmas gifts is to help us cultivate this kind of attitude. It’s a small way of helping us practice the mindset of value-creation.

The act of giving is a reminder to the giver that he/she has something to give. In being reminded of this, the giver is given the opportunity to embrace a most important truth about themselves: No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re never truly empty handed. If you take your personality and combine it with creativity, you’ll discover that your life is already filled with unique and useful things to share.

We’re not encouraged to give because of the value of our gifts, but because of the value that giving has on how we see ourselves. To give is to be aware, if only for a fleeting moment, that you have the power to add value to the world. And that’s much better than anything that can be wrapped up and placed under a tree.

At least that’s the way I see it.



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