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It’s Up To You

Here’s my advice for the new year: trust your own judgment about what you want.

You know what truly matters to you and you know what doesn’t.

If you’re making resolutions and setting goals just to fit in or go along with the crowd, you’re wasting your time.¬†Conversely, if you’re shying away from resolutions and goals just because you don’t want to seem typical and cliche, you’re still wasting your time.

New Year’s is neither a better or worse time than any other date for making changes.

So if you want to make ambitious plans for the new year, go right ahead. And if you’re fine with the system you already have in place, don’t apologize for it.

It’s not the date that matters. It’s your intentions, your commitments, and your strategies that matter. And if your intentions, commitments, and strategies, are good, then everything else will be good regardless of the date.

As is always the case, the power to create a new reality lies within you, not within clocks and calendars.

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