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Productivity Begins With Philosophy

The essence of productivity is simplification.

Getting the most out of your activities is less about doing things in the right order or in the right way and more about focusing on the things that are most worth doing.

Timothy Ferris makes a distinction between being effecient and being effective. He describes efficiency as doing things in the right way. He describes effectiveness as doing the right things.

Do you want to make an impact on the world? Do you want to make unprecedented changes in your personal life? Don’t start with productivity systems. Start with priorities. Find what’s really worth doing and do it with all your might. And be honest with yourself about all the things that don’t have high value and do your best to minimize the role they play in your life.

The better you get at saying “no” to the things in your life that don’t deserve a “yes”, the less you’ll depend on time management techniques and other methods for enhancing your productivity.

Prioritization always precedes organization. Without a firm understanding of your “why”, your “how” will be just another stressful thing to manage and keep up with.

If you want to be a dynamic go-getter, the best thing you can do is stop and reflect on what’s really worth going after.

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