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Make A Little Noise

Tell your story, change a life.

Empower others to tell their own stories, change the world

If you’re among those who have found the courage to share your message with the world, take the next step and encourage others to find their voice as well.

Some thought leaders are quick to remind the blogosphere that the world doesn’t need any more noise. But it’s also true that the world doesn’t need more suppression.

The ultimate value isn’t in speech or silence. It’s in self-authenticity.

To remain silent when your soul is stirred to speak is no less vain than choosing to speak when words are unnecessary.

Sharing the truth of your story will not only set you free, but it will also give others permission to embrace their own message.

So if you’re already experiencing the freedom that comes from telling your story, invite someone else to share theirs. If you haven’t given yourself permission to enjoy that freedom yet, then please come join us.

The world needs your voice–even if it sounds like noise at first.

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